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    Yes, if the student is mature enough. The cameras should be on the paper, not on the faces. The student and teacher must be able to easily see what the other is writing while they talk. An app providing a two way digital scratch pad with voice transmission could be even better than sitting together at a table. However it won’t work if the student does not pay attention. In that case they may as well watch videos.

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    Re: Is tutoring math online realistic?

    Nowadays, finding a good tutor is indeed a very difficult task, since in recent years a huge number of companies have appeared in the world that are engaged in tutoring and it is very difficult to find one that provides really high-quality services. But I think you should definitely pay attention to https://www.medicmind.co.uk/medicine-mmi-course/
    These guys can easily prepare you for any medical exam in no time.
    Hope my advice helps you.

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    Re: Is tutoring math online realistic?

    Hey guys! Are there any other options how I can learn math online? Thanks in advance for your answers!

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    Re: Is tutoring math online realistic?

    Hello to all the users of this forum! I think if your child can't count to a certain number, you need to develop thinking and memory. But not every child can do it easily. If you do need help with that then I can offer you with this number 9 worksheets from Brighterly online school. They have a huge number of math topics, I am sure this online school will help your child.
    I think I helped you with your question.

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