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    I make no claims about being a great tutor, as most students of even the tutors I would assess as bad (or at least lacking in some key areas of their teaching) tend to pass. As far as I know most of mine pass also, so I'm at worst not terrible.

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    Re: How does a math tutor get students?

    Hi all! I have three children and each of them is already in school. I have a child who only goes to 4th grade and he's not doing so well in math. He has been complaining to me about bad grades and how he doesn't understand anything about this science and it's hard for him. But I understand that not everything depends on the student and maybe he got a bad teacher. I eventually wondered math tutor las vegas. And I quickly found the answer on the Internet. I ended up signing my son up for online math lessons and they turned out to be pretty cheap and cool. My kid loved it!

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    Re: How does a math tutor get students?

    Thanx for this great info!

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