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    Costume jewelry and fashion jewelry are synonymous in some cases. However, fashion jewelry refers to jewelry that is in line with the latest trends and can be considered current. They are made of non-precious stones and metals like copper, brass, and bronze. However, fashion jewelry can also be plated by expensive metals such as gold but with an inexpensive based metal underneath.

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    Re: What's the difference between "fashion jewelry" and "costume jewelry"?

    This Cuban diamond bracelet features a secure double safety lock and is available in a variety of lengths. The bracelet can be made to order in other widths and lengths, with different colored diamonds: white diamonds, black diamonds, pink diamonds, yellow diamonds, blue diamonds and green diamonds, as well as gemstones: rubies, sapphires, black diamond bracelets and can be Made to order in white gold, yellow gold, and platinum. Please contact us if you would like us to customize it to your specifications.

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    Re: What's the difference between "fashion jewelry" and "costume jewelry"?

    Fashion jewelry typically refers to jewelry that is designed to be trendy and fashion-forward. While both fashion jewelry and costume jewelry are used to accessorize and enhance an outfit with this store and fashion jewelry is typically trend-focused and made with inexpensive materials, while costume jewelry is often more elaborate and may be made with a wider variety of materials.
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