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    I have a TCL Flip bought directly from Boost Mobile. I want to give the phone to my granddaughter to keep in her car. I have asked Boost to unlock the phone. The Boost reps keep telling me it is unlocked, however when I insert the sim my greanddaughter received from her carrier, the phone keeps asking for a CCK Code. It appears to be an 8 character (min), all numeric code.

    The Boost people keep telling me they can't help with this, yet the people from my granddaughter's carrier AND even the manufacturer, TCL, tell me this is a prompt to unlock the phone. I've spoken with 5 different Boost agents and am getting nowhere.

    I have already tried the thing with removing the sim and doing an "Update software" through wifi. An update applied, but it did not solve the issue. I have also done a reset on the phone.

    I've already google it and there just isn't much info out there on it. THX

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    Re: Anyone know anything about a CCK Code ?

    A CCK code, also known as a Control Code Key, is a numeric or alphanumeric code used to unlock or remove network restrictions on mobile phones. It is often required when switching to a different network provider or when using a different SIM card in a phone. The CCK code is specific to each mobile device and can be obtained from the original network provider or through third-party unlocking services. It allows users to use their phones with multiple carriers, offering more flexibility and freedom in choosing a network.

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