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    I'm getting a 7650 at the end of this month ... but we don't have this colour over here

    See More: Blue 7650 Asian Edition

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    its been out for quite a while now... its doesnt look all that great anyway.
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    7650 vs 6600

    I have to agree with Nookie... a blue 7650 (it's a popular phone here) doesn't look good now after i saw the new 6600.... why does nokia have to come up with new phones so soon! I haven't enjoyed mine yet... hehehehe...

    6600 reminds me of the classic 3210... don't you think so?? Gotta love that sexy phone.

    and it looks like the new siemens (i dunno model it is) that will come out later this year... with the keypads at the side....
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    The Nokia 6600 looks really good and has an excellent spec but you're going to be waiting AT LEAST 3 months for it (release is set for 2003 Q4), expect normal delays and deviation from the date, not to mention extortionate cost at launch and bugs. I'm gonna hang with my 7650 until it falls in price once released. A good rule of thumb is don't buy the phone in the first 3 months it is released as this gives time for price to fall and bugs to be ironed out (I paid £280 for my 7650 on Ebay, a month or so later it was only £150-ish).

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