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    iN mY rOOm

    My favorite is the 6100!!!

    See More: best phone

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    inside my nokia
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    id say 7250 love the 5mb memory

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    Panasonic ...

    The BEST phone is Panasonic GD 87.

    Unfortunetly his price is 600$

    The Phone:

    System GSM 900/ 1800 / 1900MHz
    Dimension 97.5 x 49 x 23 mm
    Weight 103g
    Standby Time 75 - 220 hours
    Talk Time 1.6 - 7.0 hours
    Display 65,536 colors TFT display
    Backlight 65,536 colors for internal display, 3 colours for external display
    Battery 720mAh Li-ion Battery
    Games 1 game: Herding Sheep
    Handset Colour Silver
    Data Services GSM Circuit Switch Data
    WAP .2.0 colours browser
    Messaging Services MMS, SMTP and POP3 emails
    Other Functions Built-in Camera
    - CMOS Camera
    - 5 lux sensitivity
    - Self-Timer Function
    - Picture Editing
    65,536-colour TFT Display
    16-Polyphonic Ring Tones
    Clamshell Design
    5 directional Navigation Key
    GPRS Class 8 (4 + 1 timeslots)
    WAP 1.2.1
    WAP 2.0 Provisioning
    SMS Group Send
    SMS Chat
    20 Preset Ring Tones
    Download Capability (Ring tones and logos)*
    * The download service is country and network operator dependent.
    Melody Composer (Mono tone)
    Voice Memo
    Vibration Alert
    Built-in Game
    T9R Text Input
    Graphic User Interface
    Desktop Handsfree
    Voice Dialing
    Phone Book Memory 200 + SIM
    Internal Modem
    Auto World Clock and Alarm
    Calendar and Scheduler
    Calculator and Currency Converter
    SIM Toolkit
    Exclusive Q & A – Panasonic GD 87 / 88
    From Panasonic Mobile from CommunicAsia 2002 for Panasonic GD 88. GD 87 remark in the below is added by editor

    Camera Functions
    Q: What kind of camera is it? What is resolution?
    A: CMOS type. 110,000 pixel.

    Q: What kind of LCD?
    A: Colour TFT screen (appx 65,000 colors, 132 x 176 = 23,232 pixel)

    Q: How many pictures can be taken and saved on this terminal?
    A: Basically 100 pictures can be saved, but that depends, as all data (sounds, pictures, etc.) are controlled with the same file.

    Q: What memory size is one photo?
    A: One Photo: approximately 5 k byte

    Q: What size is one photo?
    A: 132 x 176 dots

    Q: Can a photo be attached by Mail / SMS?
    A: Mail: Yes. You can send photo as MMS, or send them as attachment to e-mail (SMTP/POP3). SMS: NO.

    Q: To which terminal except GD88 can you send photos?
    Q: Can we send picture to other brand’s handset with colour MMS?
    A: With terminal supported by MMS.

    Q: If you send a photo to black/white terminal, can I see the photo with this B/W terminal?
    Q: What happens when you send an MMS message to a terminal who doesn’t have the MMS capability.
    A: This all depends on the service operators are thinking, and MMS servers they have selected.

    Q: What is the format of the picture?
    A: Pictures taken by camera is JPEG (Fine Normal Economy), PNG.

    Q: From how far can you take a photo?
    A: You can take a photo from the distance of 30 cm.

    Q: From when can we send a photo by GD87 / 88?
    A: By email, you can send a picture right after introduction of GD87 / 88. As to MMS, that depends on operators when they start MMS service. But basically Panasonic would like to introduce MMS on the same timing as introduction.
    Q: What is lux of this camera?
    A: 5 lux (the darkness of one candle). We are proud of high sensitivity of GD87 / 88 camera.

    MMS (GD 87 / 88)
    Q: How many MMS message can be stored in GD87 / 88?
    A: It depends on the number of pictures and video clips you have stored in the phone. If you only store MMS messages it can store probably around 30 messages.

    Q: How much will it cost to send or receive MMS messages?
    A: It will depend on the data volume of the message and each operator’s tariff plans. The maximum size of one message will be 50kbytes.

    Q: Can we attach pictures or video clips to that we take the built-in camera?
    A: You can attach pictures to the MMS, but at the initial stage of MMS, the service is not capable of attaching video clips to it. However certain motion pictures can be attached to the messages.

    Q: What happens when you send an MMS message to an email?
    A: If the PC supports SMIL player, the message can be read as you read it with a MMS capable mobile phone, and if it does not support SMIL player, then the media will come as an attachment to the text message just as you receive an email message.

    And many more...

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    best phone

    best phone ever is definately the i95cl you know you want one

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    Nokia 3650

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    what make is that?

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    not really sure, i got the nokia 7210
    and my phone is TIGGGGHHHTTTT!!!!
    "Pretty women make us buy beer, ugly women make us drink beer"

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    What is the best phone...

    Well, good question.
    In my opinion the best phone is a phone not everybody owns.
    I really can't stand it when all teenagers have "my" phone.

    Although not having colour, I'm glad with the Nokia 8910.

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    what are people's opinions on the nokia 6100?

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    There isn't a "best". Best is decided by what suits you. Teenagers usualy love the phones with Polyphonic ringtones, java games, changing faceplates ect. while other people need a fax machine and a orginizer. So there can't really be a BEST phone.

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