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    hey every one !
    i Get new Cell phone That week who have Polyphonic Ring tonnes and i try to learn how that Work That lost day.
    i have Sony Ericsson t310 and That cell accept only midi file .
    i try to search the midi file in the web but must midi song have midi so long that u cant make like ring tones .
    then i try to Found Source .
    i try it per newbies way .... try many link poly/midi and some like that but the way is 0
    last year i play with some CGI Scaner i know its Ilegal but i get with it some CC Card and the cgi work per word exp : Scan poly.midi and that make u Get resulte of most of existance file that have that 2 word in the web site database they scan all file Hidden .
    at time i didnt use it to found midi ring tones but if some one use it can he make me informed if that way work

    Thks (sorry for my bad eng ) <--- French

    See More: Hack database of Ring Tonnes Site per cgi Scaner
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