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    John 3:16
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    So Cal
    In Asia, Europe, and Australia you can get a pre-paid cell phone with minutes that never expire. Just like a calling card, you can load up a ton of minutes and you don’t have to worry about them every expiring. This is great, because you just pay for the time that you use, no worrying about going over monthly plans and cards that expire.

    The problem is…IT’S NOT IN AMERICA!

    Why is this? Are these American cell phone companies so greedy that the US has to be the only country where this is not available?

    I know so many people who would jump on this if it were available. Even if it cost 0.25 for the connection and 0.10 a minute, and 0.05 for night and weekends, it would still be a good deal.

    Is this ever gonna come to America?

    See More: Pre-Paid Non-Expiring Cell Phones in the US?
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    american cell phone companies have become so greedy that it probabally wont happen. i am fed up with these companies!

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    Doesn't exist in Canada either, you have to top-up by expiry time to keep your unused minutes.

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