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    See More: Good, Cheap Cell Phone Plan
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    I think Cingular Wireless has good plans. There is Pay as you go, or GO phone, and family plans.
    Have you checked out their website?If not you should.

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    Hi there is a new provider in town. Free Cell-Phone? How About Free Cell Phone Calling Plans!!

    Everyone has a free cell phone offer. We have free c-phone calling plans. No gimmicks, just a great way to get customers to refer other customers to a new wire-less provider. Nationwide coverage and no long distance charges on domestic calls. Great rates, 6 second billing, and new dial 5 international long distance calling rates so low your customers will think they are calling over seas from their land line.
    This ground floor opportunity uses VoIP to "cut costs to the bone" and lets you earn a BIG income in a Trillion dollar industry.
    This is the wire-less company that gives credit challenged people a second chance and saves money for everyone on their cell phone bill.
    Low start up cost, great products, huge income potential and all you have to do is present it, it will sell itself. No inventory, no BV or PV just a straight forward earning plan. This is the way MLM should be.

    And by the way we have free cell pho.nes too. Family plans, Business plans and unbeatable Long Distance rates. You earn as your customers save money.

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