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    Can I use my Net10 phone in Germany if I purchase another SIM card?

    Will I be able to swithc back after I return?

    I have heard that Tracfone phones awill not work in Europe with a new SIM card?

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    Re: Net10 GSM phone in Europe with new SIM

    Tracfone and Net10 are owned by the same company, based out of South America (America Movil or something similar). They both contain firmware built into the phone. Tracfone SIMs will only work in tracfone phones, and net10 sims will only work in net10 phones. Coversely no othr SIMs will work in these phones. And they wont work in Europe.

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    Re: Net10 GSM phone in Europe with new SIM

    unless you flash firmware (someone at hofo did it) it wont work

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    Re: Net10 GSM phone in Europe with new SIM

    How have you liked Net10 so far? I think the internet service isn't really that great but it is unlimited and the plan is 50 bucks a month, which is absurd for unlimed plans on smartphones that can technically do everything an Iphone can do. Plus it uses the Verizon Wireless and ATT networks which means you get a truly nationwide network.

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