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    Hi all,
    I'll be moving to VT in a bit and just got a new phone and plan with Verizon. They gave me an 802 area code (since 802 is the only area code in Vermont). However, I'm not sure if ALL 802 telephone calls are local calls for Vermont residents or not... My new telephone number is linked to a town very far away from where I will be living, and I want my new local friends and coworkers to be able to call me from landlines without having to pay long distance fees.... Does anybody know if all 802 calls are considered local calls in Vermont? Or is there a long distance fee for making 802 calls to towns that are far away? If so, is it usually possible to ask the phone company to give me a new number??


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    Re: Verizon and Vermont area codes - long distance fee?

    probably..im not sure

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