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    Here is a weird one for you.I live in a small town NE of Dayton,Ohio.We have a Family Dollar here that sells Net10 phones. My boss' son bought one,activated it,and was given an AT&T based cell number from a county to the south of us.
    A few days ago,she went to the same store and bought same model of phone as well. She activated it,and was given a T-mobile number based in the county we live in but in our county seat(12 miles east).Now I know that Net10 and Tracfone use both AT&T and T-mo for service,but this is weird.They live in the same house,same address and city,but he gets an AT&T number and SIM in his Net10 and she gets a T-mo SIM and number from same store.Weird,just very weird.And yes,both companies have towers just outside of town.T-mo erected theirs last year.Just comical it is.It is also bad because her daughter, who lives in a 'burb of Dayton,can call her brother local.To call mom's cell,it is long distance.I told her she needs to call Net10 and have them change her number to a number that is local to Dayton.We'll see what occurs. LOL.

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    Re: Net10,T-mo,& AT&T.....

    i don't know about you guys but I've loved Net10 ever since I got it last year. I can't afford to keep a luxury showboat plan like iPhone because I'm not rich but I do have a taste for unlimited stuff. The internet is kind of slow but I've had great experiences with the LG900 and it's only 50 bucks a month.

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