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    Alright, so I know this guy at my school who is looking for someone to take over his contract.
    Its a Bell Mobility contract, and hes including his Pearl for $40.
    250 minutes, 6pm evening/weekends, unlimited text, Caller ID, Voicemail for $35 a month (including system access fees.)

    Anyways, this plan of his seems REALLY good...almost TOO good for that price.
    SO my question is...
    How can I check if all of this is on his plan and for that price. ($35)

    This is my first cell phone plan so I'm very new.
    Is there an official statement or form that I can get from Bell that says he has these features on the plan?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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    Re: Taking over a friend's contract...I Have some questions

    Well ask him for his last bill or see if he has online billing and just get him to log on to the website and review his bill and it should list all the features and mins he has.

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