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    I currently live in the Annapolis, MD area and have an ATT phone and plan.
    Like many others I have come to the realization I'm not using my cell as much as I used to. I am paying for a 500 minute plan, but am now only using less than 60!

    I am looking for a cheaper alternative and it looks like a prepaid phone might be the way to go.
    I am seeking advice from anyone who has already been down this path

    Is it possible to keep the same telephone number by switching sim cards from a regular plan to a prepaid phone?

    As reliabilty is important I would like to change to a reliable prepaid phone provider, and would appreciate any suggestions or experiences from those of you who might have som hands on experience of having switched their cell plans to a prepaid plan.
    Thanks in advance for your help.

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    Re: Looking for advice on prepaid plans

    I don't have much idea about switching to prepaid plans. It's important to know which carrier is providing service in your area and what are the rate plans for your area? But what once took hours to choose the right plan visiting retail stores can now be done with or is just a few clicks away. Select the best cell phone plan of your choice in the convenience of your office or home. So just glance over and choose the best cell phone plan for you

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    Re: Looking for advice on prepaid plans

    I'll say, go with tracfone. You can only spend as little as $20 and the minutes are good for 3 months. Good luck.

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