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    Hey everyone!

    I've been following a company called Eclipse Mobile (the new website with the new plan isn't finished yet) for a few months now. When they first came out, I wasn't so sure about them. The plans weren't that good, so I figured they'd fail, if they didn't improve.

    Well, they improved! Just recently I've read a lot about a new plan they're coming out with. I've read so much, and asked so many questions, that I think I know the product very well now. That is also why I put "expert" in my username. (I spent hours researching it, so I'm pretty sure I know what I'm talking about. )

    Anyway, they're offering unlimited talk, text, and web on Sprint's native network. It doesn't include roaming, which is a setback, but for those in the Sprint coverage area, it is a good deal. I am hearing that other features will be added in the near future, but I don't have an exact list and timeframe. I think I heard navigation will be included at launch. That's a good bonus.

    Well, like I said in the title, the price is going to be about $40/month.

    I'm planning on getting this plan when they launch, and I'll probably post a review here when I do. I'll be the guinea pig, I guess.

    I've been very excited about this. I've actually enjoyed how all of the companies have been changing their prices recently. We've gone from $100 unlimited talk to $50 unlimited everything to $40 unlimited everything! This is exciting! (I am just waiting for free phone service next..)

    So, what do you guys think? I'll try my best to answer any questions you have. I should know the answer, after this much research!

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    Re: Unlimited Talk, Text, and Web for $40/month


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    Re: Unlimited Talk, Text, and Web for $40/month

    Eclipse is bogus! They have been "updating" their website for months. This has been researched on HoFo. Check out Mingo Wireless..No I do not work for them or have any vested interest in them except that I am a happy customer.

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