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    I have seen a few posts from people concerned or afraid of upgrading or getting cell phones from a Walmart Wireless deptartment. I for one must make this observation. First let me say that the Walmart Wireless employees must be trained by the local carriers that they have in that specific store, so if they have Verizon, AT&T, and T-Mobile then each employee will have been trained by an supervisor rep. from each of these carriers. The store receives the product from the carrier directly, meaning that they carry only NEW and never used phones. It is always RUMORED that Walmart deals with used or referished phones, however that IS NOT TRUE. It is important to then go and shop around. I want to share another fact. SHOP around and look at all the phones that your carrier has to offer. Go to Walmart , Best Buy, Sam's Club, or even Radio Shack and compare then ask questions about the phone your interested in. I will say this very clearly. You will find GOOD Walmart reps and you will find BAD Walmart reps. JUST as you would if you go into the main carrier stores. I say this because we are all humans, and we carry good and bad qualities, we may be having a bad day, or the computer isn't working which may cause the employee to stress in getting the information to the carrier correctly so that you as the customer can have that new phone.
    So please enjoy YOUR freedom and shop at your Walmart Wireless.

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    Re: Walmart Wireless ----is this a good place to get a phone?

    I can tell you that the Walmart Connection Center employees receive no more training than any other employee in their store...
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