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    Does any service provider offer an unlimited international roaming plan? I am traveling in Europe for 4 months this coming fall and have a verizon wireless blackberry bold 9930. I am looking for an unlimited plan with data/calls. I have unlocked my device so I can use any sim card but will be traveling to multiple countries so getting a local sim card won't work because once I leave that country I will be roaming. Do any companies offer unlimited roaming? Looking to use my data for emails/bbm etc.. and make calls back to the US. Any of the US providers or other people have this? Any suggestions for my trip would be great. Thanks for the help.

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    Re: International Roaming Predicament

    I'm not aware of any companies offering unlimited international roaming. If you really need unlimited it might be worth purchasing a local SIM even though you can only use it in that country.

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