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    I will mention I am ONLY putting this in this forum because I am going to sell cell phones & various accessories.

    I am new to the world of drop shipping and would like a straightforward and simple method of operating one.

    I would like to ask you if you know of any good , reliable & honest drop shippers who will provide various incentives such as a website to sell products from, (I have been told that some do)

    I am hoping for a drop shipping company that will provide me with an automated selling system.

    Also I would like to deal with a drop shipper that does not charge a fee.

    I should mention I know the basic concept of drop shipping BUT I would like a simplified explanation of how to go about operating a drop shipping business .

    I would also add that I live in Canada and do not have any kind of merchant account but I do have a PayPal account - would a PayPal account be enough to operate a drop shipping business ?

    I do expect to be involved in the work but I am trying/hoping to find a method & Co. so that eventually work on my part will minimized but I do NOT expect it to be a eliminated, (of course though that would be a nice - ).

    Thank you Craig

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    Re: Dropshipping - what are some of the better Honest & reliable ones ???

    Hey, are you considering print design and custom clothing? It just fits the description perfectly. Look, a person orders socks from you, you go to the site, create a design, and then it doesn't concern you anymore. Worldwide delivery is handled by the service, click for more. In my opinion, it's perfect.

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    Re: Dropshipping - what are some of the better Honest & reliable ones ???

    It is widely believed that the best way of developing custom apps is through the process of integration with This process involves combining a software solution that is already developed by an experienced development team with custom software development frameworks. In many cases, the developers of the two different applications develop a common layer of code that they use to integrate them. With the help of this code, the two programs work together to provide the end-user with an improved user experience. Integration also allows developers to take advantage of new features introduced in the new versions of their applications. The developers can make these new features available through an easy and smooth update process that will eliminate the need for a dedicated IT professional.
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