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    Last Fri early morning, I tried to switch cell phone carriers - Walmart's MyFamilyMobile to MintSIM. I went thru the activation process on the MintSIM website to keep my phone number. Both companies are MVNOs using Tmobile towers.
    The following day, cell service from MyFamilyMobile was discontinued, but I was not properly activated on MintSIM so until now, I've not been able to make/receive calls or use data. When I've switched carriers with different companies in the past, the switch was almost instantaneous, taking only a few minutes to activate.

    I've been in touch with MintSIM customer service quite frequently, trying to get an explanation as to why the delay. When I asked for a specific explanation, I was told:

    "Technically speaking its called an Async. So, with your activation -- during the initial port issue that was resolved, the system was completing the process of activation and the "Current Async" is still set on "ActivateSubscriber". Its the final step to programming on the back end for a phone. This is the "hang up" that I mentioned in the chat channel. So, the technical operations team can get the Current Async corrected to allow you make and receive calls, text and data."

    What I'd like to know if this delay is due to any incompetence or inexperience on the part of MintSIM? How common are errors like this? Is there anything I can do to expedite the porting process? It has been frustrating being without a phone line, as people cannot call to leave messages or text me (since Fri).

    Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

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    Re: Porting problems - Switching cell carriers

    For me, the best phone operator is tmobile. Good communication, excellent services and cheap rates. And what else do you need to use the phone? If anything, you can follow the link to read reviews and find more contact information.

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    Re: Porting problems - Switching cell carriers

    Thanks for the advice, I'll definitely use it!

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