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    I think my mobile phone may be hacked. Or cloned. I'm not sure what at all.

    Long story short my father is a computer and mobile expert and has been working in IT for more than 15 years, and is the person I think is spying on my phone. If you knew him you’d see he’s definitely that type of person, and my intuition just screams it at me. he’s very secretive and sly and lies a lot, he’s a bit of a loner and a bit odd too and has no friends and is the most nosiest person ive ever met in my life. He’s always interested in others’ business.
    He gave me the phone, it’s a Sony Xperia Z1 Compact. He said it was basically brand new and was lying around in his work (it wasnt in a sealed box, had been opened etc.)
    He then had his own sim card for me, and i had then activated it over the phone.

    I told him around the same time that I’d sell the phone and get a newer one because it was old(no biggie at all, I often sell my old phones for newer ones, and the screen was acting up since day 1) but he was very quick to say to definitely not sell it and “that’s my phone”.

    —Didn't think anything of it at the time. Anyway, any time I make a call, before the call is answered a weird double beep, sometimes single, happens, but not every call, it happens inconsistently. It sounds exactly like the recording beeps. NEVER had that before with any of my phones. Very noticeable when you've never had that before.

    —Then I often hear odd static at times during the phone calls.
    The day I got the phone there’s a lot of random clicks and taps at my screen, it’d be like someone else is on my phone randomly clicking things all the time.( but i know that if my phone is tapped that's not the case because when I'm in my fathers company it happens)
    I thought that could just be screen of the phone though., but I've had so many phones in my lifetime and not once have i come across the way my phone acts out. it calls/video calls people in messenger by accident all the time any time I have the app open. Basically my screen has a mind of it’s own most of the time. As I’m scrolling it decides to go into pages and clicks onto profiles and all the rest (facebook).
    There’s not much else that’s very obviously wrong about the phone, but i have this VERY strong suspicion about cloning/tapping. I was told the phone was never used before. so it shouldnt be acting like this. I was supposedly the only one to ever own the phone. and i must stress, although i can use the phone, the screen is mad most of the time.

    *****What will I do and how do I know for sure that it’s tapped/cloned?****

    I’m going to sell this and get a new one along with a new sim card when i can afford to (wont be able to for a good while though), but I want to know if they’re clear signs of cloning/spying or not.

    Any help or any information at all would be GREATLY appreciated!! I didnt know ANYTHING about tapping or cloning till I started researching after i got suspicions.
    This is bugging me(ha) for way too long!

    Thank you!!

    See More: Is my phone/sim being tapped/cloned?
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