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    I'd say its awful but come to think of it, how do you feel when the person you love is trying to do some things that will hurt and break you, you will not like that to happen right? you will want to get a solution out of it or maybe be sure of the whole scenario before stepping out of the dark.

    I will also like us to take this from a wider perspective where we think the other half is wrong and want to know the truth of the whole situation, its as simple as getting to meet with someone who can hrrck into any social netwrrk account/websitees and monitor everything happening online and therefore get us out of all relationship mess. contact travis via [email protected] for hacking consultations

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    Meagan princes
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    Re: hire a hacker

    I urgently need a fellow professional hacker, trusted and honest person that i can work with. I am Fergus. a part of the Dark web cyber hackers,,you can search and see some of my wall on quora. I have hacked so many site, Bank Accounts and school upgrades also cleared criminal records,hacking is what I do for a living, I have some already hacked bitcoin wallet accounts with large transfer and i need a trusted worthy hacker like I am that can aid the smooth transfer of these money, with some softwares obviously. you will be getting 15 percent of the initial funds in every successful transaction. My transfer is ensured clean and secure. Interested hacker should contact me via my email: ultralhacksurf(at)gmaildotcom
    * "HACKING"!!* For years now has been a seriously sort of problem.. So beware of* scammers pretending to be hackers!!!
    I have helped* organisations and so many sites, Bank Accounts, school upgrades, breaking into sites, hacking into database, also clear criminal records of all sort and in short timing hacked petty cyber sites accounts like Skpe, Fb, Whatsapp, Tinder, Twitter but these are significant experience a good and effectively recognized organisation must firmly ascertain and minorly our "AIM" here is to render proficient solution to those having cyber issues and technically needs a hacker to get their job done effectively fast.. For more info contact ultralhacksurf(at)gmaildotcom

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