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    What to do when your phone was lost or stolen ?

    Smartphone is possibly the most important tool that a modern person has on her or himself. It allows us to communicate with people over distance and has a plethora of utility that simply makes life easier (whether it makes life better is debatable, but certainly easier). It’s our picture book, encyclopedia, newspaper, bank and mirror all at once. When we go out we may forget our keys, our wallet or even socks, but very few people will leave their smartphone behind. Therefore, it is no wonder that losing this device, either to thief or ill luck, is one of the worse things that can happen to a person these days. Sure, not -the- worst, but it sucks pretty badly.

    Check what to do if you phone was lost or stolen

    Hope you never get it but good to know what to do

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    Re: Lost or stolen phone, what to do ?

    Text automatically translated from: French to: English

    This kind of mishap happens more often than we think ...and especially in respect of flights with the evolution of smartphones, that kindle the lust... the Wink of an eye of a cat

    In this regard, it might also be good to remember the rules of caution on the part of smartphone users such as, for example :

    - do not ask son mobile on a coffee table, especially on the terrace

    - in the subway, avoid using your mobile if you are sitting near a door in a train and the subway arrives at a station.. ( oh, yes, c 'is a favourable time for a flight to the"ripped )


    But, alas, theft or loss, the advice and process given by Fatima will be very useful !

    Do not forget, in the list of premiesr reflexes : complain to the Oic or the un of the state police ; the car of the un récepissé filing eplainet sera asked as proof!


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    Re: Lost or stolen phone, what to do ?

    You can also report phone to lost phone base

    Each day thousands of users check their IMEI numbers, if anyone enters your IMEI number you will receive a notification about such event, also the person will be informed that you are looking for this device.
    Easy and Fast way to unlock Your mobile

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