Hi Folks.
As HTC U12 Plus is recently released in the market and If you owned one and looking to get your phone unlocked then I have one of the best solution for you.
You can get your phone unlocked by using network unlocking service of Safeunlockcode.
I have successfully unlocked my lots of phone by using unlock code provided by safeunlockcode.

If you are the one who bought HTC U12 Plus Carrier Locked Intentionally or by mistake then here i have simplest tutorial to get your phone unlocked

Just Follow the following simple steps

Information Required

1. To Unlock your Phone You must have to Provide your IMEI Number. You can find your by dialing this code “ +#06# ”
2. Make sure that your phone prompts Inserting Unlock Codes
3. Your Email Address

those were the required information, Now you have to place an order to get your smartphone unlocked. you can visit following Links to submit your order you can even contact their Customer Support Service if you have any confusion.

Unlock HTC U12 Plus

How You will Receive your Unlock Code?

You might be thinking how you are going to receive your unlock code. Basically You will receive your Code by Email, Time will be depended upon the country and the network you have selected but It will only take few hours or sometimes a days

If you are still confused then I suggest you to visit safeunlockcode and try to use their customer service they will assist you in each and every thing.

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