Currently I am using tracfone pre paid service, I am not a big phone user, at least not right now. Currently using ZTE Z233VLB01. I do not care for this phone that much, not getting good call service either. I will get a call and they will not be able to hear me good at all, cutting in and out real bad and the person calling is not that far. Just got this phone recently and bad calls did not happen with my previous phone. Not sure if it is the phone or service or combination of both.

Now I been thinking about upgrading to a smartphone but not sure where to begin. Currently, I don't use a cellphone all that much, don't do alot of texting. Never really had the need to have internet service but would be nice, if I had it,, probably would use it more than I think I would. I don't want to pay a arm and a leg for monthly service. Which service would be good to go with and what type of plan would best fit me? I am pretty clueless on where to begin with this.

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