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    I have a little problem here in the uk with an old mobile number and the service provider cancelling a number.
    I was using s pay as you go mobile attached to a business.That lapsed but due to necessity I now need it back,The number is spread across numerous web listings some I cant access to any more to change the tel number.The phone is giving no signal on the bars and is dead when trying to phone out.The service provider told me that after 6 months the number is gone hm strikes me as odd.
    Im thinking there is another way of reassigning the same number to another service provider.Phoning the number just gives a dead tone.
    The pay as you go number was an orange now EE one

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    Re: Problems with numbers and sims

    Ciao, penso che la soluzione migliore sia quella di ottenere un nuovo numero. E poi lo condividi con i tuoi amici attraverso il scaricare video da instagram con i dati. Non continuare a pensare a quel vecchio numero e tutto ci andato perduto.

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