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    Hey everyone!
    I'm a new Android enthusiast(did I ***** that right?).
    My curent phone is a Motorola W180... in other words, it can call, send SMS and it has an alarm clock too.
    I'll be upgrading to a new phone soon and wanted your opinions on which one to choose. (this has probably been asked 100s of times... sorry... please answer it for the 101st time)

    I am a Flash developer and will be making Android apps, and I need the phone to be capable of running them.

    I really like "Samsung Galaxy S". Is this phone any good for games & apps ?

    Also, will I need to modify the phone in any way, since it uses Samsung's own version of Android (if I understood what I read).

    Please, leave me feedback on the "Samsung Galaxy S" or recommend any other phone that can handle AIR made android apps.

    Another question: Android 3.0 (or is it 2.3?) is in development right now and I was wondering if the Galaxy S is gonna have an update for that version too... It would be pointless to buy a phone to develop android apps, if you can't have the latest OS installed.

    P.S. I live in Europe, so HTC EVO and other american smartphones are a no-no.


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    Re: Which phone would you recommend to an app developer

    Nexus One. it's a developer phone.

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    Re: Which phone would you recommend to an app developer

    I have not personally used the new Samsungs, but here in the states the Galaxy is a series of phones, and each Carrier as their own individual phone, and have different Names/Software for them. I will say that I have not seen a phone that runs the Android software that is a bad phone, and each new one is better than the last, most of the time. I am not sure if this helps, but there you go!
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