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    If you're having issues using the new Playon App on your Android phone like I was at first, make sure you're running the latest version of playon first. After the update the app on my phone functioned correctly and played the files. Previously Netflix wouldn't work at all, if if I could drill down to a video it wouldn't play at all.

    If everything else works, but you can't get videos to play - try this:
    • Open up the PlayOn server on your computer
    • Under General Settings, stop the PlayOn server
    • While holding down CTRL click 'start' to start the server again
    • Try playing videos again on your phone

    See More: PlayOn Android app not working - videos not playing
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    Re: PlayOn Android app not working - videos not playing

    thanks for the info tavenger5.. that's very helpful, although i didnt get across with such problem yet..

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