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    Hello everyone.

    I have been gone a while so I haven't been able to give you all of the neat insides of the wireless industry.

    I recently received an email from one of my Verizon Wireless buddies (he's a top technician) informing me about some happenings, issues, etc.

    One important issue was how some people have Android devices that drastically slow down...rapidly. No matter what you do...they are always slow.

    Why? You must have an Anti Virus app installed. Verizon Wireless has proven that their google android devices cannot get viruses...DELETE this app. It takes up space and runs many background tasks which lags your phone.

    There's the tip of the day

    See More: Avoid Antivirus!
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    Re: Avoid Antivirus!

    I don't think the need for anti-virus software on phones is needed just yet. Maybe it will in the future though. Any hole in an operating system or program can be exploited. Someone just has to find the hole and exploit it first. I wouldn't go as far as to say that a hole in Android cannot be exploited though.

    People are too quick to jump to conclusions and not really know what a virus is though. The thought process is usually "my phone/computer is slow, it must have a virus". More likely then not they just installed some poorly written software that is doing something in the background.

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