This is the second release of Mobilism Market, an app allows you to access Mobilism's releases with ease on your Android phones. If you are not familiar with Mobilism, read this (its short, don't worry) to clear things up about who we are and what we do. This is a big update with lots of new features.

- new Home Screen and various interface and UI changes
- auto update installed apps, even those not installed through Mobilism Market
- improved search
- GUI settings: change background color, type, font
- download manager for premium downloads
  • automatically extract downloaded .ZIP files
  • progress bar for downloads done through Dowwi
  • saved list of all downloaded APKs, can be reinstalled/deleted
  • downloaded release files saved in a folder titled by the release topic's name (a file may be called but when downloaded will be saved in a folder called Adobe Acrobat v8.51)

- automatic checking for Mobilism Market updates
- latest releases continue infinitely (was latest 25 before)
- scrolled down location is saved when going back
- lots of bugfixes, crashing solved

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