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Android phone users could soon enjoy a movie streaming media service


Just last week, the application of films of Google (Google Video) version of the Android briefly appeared in the official market, but then they were removed. Some users have downloaded this program in the ditch, but it does not operate normally.

The search giant announced their film streaming media service in the Google I/O Developers Conference may of this year. At this time - there, C’est only the Tablet PC of XOOM Motorola has caddies use this service client page, because it is the only apparatus equipped with the d’Android 3.1 system, and this client page works smarter d’Android 3.1 system called "Bee", if you want these products, you can visit Myefox.fr.

Google Movie is essentially a complete product of the film rental service. It offer thousands of movies available so that users could see online, at the same time it provides the function of download subscribe to see offline. Google has promised at that time there d’émettre this service for more d’équipement.

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