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    Myefox brings you this report. A new renewal of the tablet OS BlackBerry The BlackBerry PlayBook add the new selection of multimedia and improve the shelf bracket.

    Now, with the bones of the BlackBerry Tablet 1.07 version, users can d & # 233; now visit files ZIP joined with email application Blackberry Bridge, which connects the smartphones & # 224. the PlayBook. The files themselves-m & # 234; my will be stock & # 233; es on the SD card & # 224. int & # 233; outside the smartphone, by cons & # 233; therefore, when the t & # 233 l & # 233 phone d & # 233; branch of the PlayBook, no file remains on the shelf.

    In addition, RIM has added & # 233; the support of 15 languages in pr & # 233; preparation of the overall launch of PlayBook this ann & # 233; e. This renewal of the software includes the application of r & # 233; target images that bear images longitudinals, and application of vid & # 233; o, which will allow users of pinch-to-zoom on the vid & # 233; o when he plays.

    Although the promises of the mail client and the support of the application of android is not yet on the shelf, now, the renewal of 358 MB is disposible download via Software Updates the application on the PlayBook.

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