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    Hi all! I travel for some time your site and I find it really cool! That's why I turn to you today!
    Here I am interested for a long time by Android and all the possibilities that come with it and I intend to take the plunge into buying me a mobile android!
    But which to choose? ?! Me, I spotted the ACER LIQUID me really look not bad but what do you think you are? you have feedback on this phone? What are the advantages and disadvantages? Also for the ACER LIQUID there will very soon (from what I understand) the ACER LIQUID E with Android 2.1 so it must wait for this one or not?
    So full of question I pose to the right choice

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    Re: How to choose android phone?


    If I were you I would buy the new Samsung Nexus with Android 4.0.
    From my point of view it is the best cellphone with android. But it is of course your decision

    Regards, AnnA

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    Re: How to choose android phone?

    Make sure you get one that feels well-constructed, maybe has metal on it.

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