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    Many people want to root their android phone or want to gain more information about it. Many people get a little scared when it comes to rooting but the thing is, it isn’t that scary at all. However, rooting involves a big step forward and you will have to take some steps before you are able to successfully root your android device. Some things you will need to know before you root is using the command prompt, which will necessitate you to follow some set of instructions, type in some words and similar things.

    Many people don’t know what exactly rooting is. There is a small application termed as “su” that is required for rooting. The small Linux application, su, is short for SuperUser. What this app does is that it permits applications and commands to run smoothly with lifted permissions. Everything that runs on code, irrespective of the fact as to whether it is an application or user, has a level of permission set by the OS. A common question in people is “why Linux”. Well Linux because Android’s heart is Linux Kernel.

    The Linux Kernel is what interfaces OS Android to the hardware and at last has full control. What you need to know about Linux Kernel is that if you start operating outside the usual method of using the operating system, and inputting commands in a direct manner, the Linux Kernel is who you are talking to. The user who is rooting is one who can do everything to the device; whether it is good or bad. From simplistic things to advanced, everything can be done through the SuperUser application. This is mostly what needs to be known about rooting, if you are interested in doing it.

    People are usually scared about Linux. For certain parts of the Linux to be accessed, some Android applications need permission and every application does not have this special root access or permission. These includes some of the most simple and basic things, such as the camera flash, and others such as ability to capture screen shots. Some other applications also require root access for different reasons however the basic premise of these are same.

    People are not too sure about whether they should or should not root their phones or not and if you want you do decide to root your phone, there are different devices that have a different rooting process. Rooting and jail-breaking go hand in hand for the most part of it. Jail breaking allows applications that are not granted approval by the manufacturer to be used on the iPhone or iPod touch. Android permits this for the most part of this and the alterations behind the veil are the same way. To unlock everything, everything in the literal sense, rooting is the only way out. The concept of iPhone jail breaking and Android rooting is essentially the same. Some people might end up breaking their phone while rooting it so it is necessary that required research is carried out on the internet before you do. If you are happy with the functionality of your phone, you don’t need to root it but if you want more access of your phone and full control, you should root your phone.

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    Re: How To Root The Android Phone

    nice post lovetech. it seems like an explanation like this is missing from most tutorials and other general information about rooting.

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    Re: How To Root The Android Phone

    Really good explanation, thanks for the info

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