Hey, guys,

Tabus Nine Computing has just released its Game of Life Live Wallpaper, based on Conway's Game of Life.

The wallpaper features a grid of squares, each square being a cell in Conway's Game of Life. The cells fade in and out as they live and die based on the number of neighbors they have.

A unique feature of the wallpaper is its widget. You can use the widget to quickly ad conveniently control the live wallpaper and open the settings menu straight from your home screen.

The Game of Life Live Wallpaper is very customizeable, starting with basic aspects, like the size of the squares and the speed of the simulation. The squares are automatically sized to fit your screen perfectly, so it'll always look great.

The most customizable part of the wallpaper is how the squares are colored. There are five different display modes that color the cells in different ways:

-Solid color: the cells are always one color that you choose
-By Cell Age: the cells are colored one of several colors in a palette depending on how many generations they've lived for
-By Time of Day: the cells fade between colors in a palette that are associated with certain times as the day progresses
-By Battery Power: the cells go from green to yellow to red as your battery's power decreases
-By Touch: the cells change color depending on where you touch the screen

As for the palettes mentioned in the By Cell Age and By Time of Day, they're simply groups of colors. In the palettes used by the Time of Day display mode, each color is associated with a time of the day. In the By Cell Age mode, new cells are the first color in the palette, and they change sequentially to each color in the palette as they age.

What makes this wallpaper so customizeable is that you can create, edit, save, name, and delete palettes of any number of colors, right within the settings menu. With this, you can truly give the wallpaper your own look. The more colorful screenshots above are using the By Cell Age display mode.

There is a free Lite version that we encourage you guys to check out, you can find it here. Some features are locked, so you should buy the full version here if you want to experience everything the live wallpaper has to offer.

Leave a comment here to let us know what you think! More details can be found in the description on the app's page in the Android Market.


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