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    As an android apps developer I would be very interested to get some feedback on the following points:

    1. Do you find it easy to discover new apps on the Android Market?

    2. Do you rely on recommendations or do you search categories to find new games?

    3. What is the most annoying problem with a new game e.g. force close, poor graphics?

    4. Do you read the instructions on how to play or just wing it?

    5. When would you pay for a game? (Other than mobile versions of best selling PC/PSP etc games).

    6. Do you play games where multiplayer involves passing the handset round?

    7. Do you prefer single player or multiplayer games?

    8. Where do you download most of your games i.e. Android market, Amazon, GetJar?

    9. Do you like games where you can upload your scores to Facebook or other websites?

    10. Do you recommend games you like to friends?

    Thanks for your patience - I'm sure a lot of developers would love to know this stuff and maybe improve user experiences!

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    Re: Bit of market research

    I'd suggest you make a survey and pay people of your chosen demographic a few cents to answer these questions. You can do so on Amazon's Mturk website. It let's you make custom surveys to have people answer. You can choose geographic location, income, education, etc. Very useful for cheap market research like you're interested in. Hope that helps

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