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    Many people i have seen to looking for best android apps here i thought to start a discussion for the help of those who needs best android apps collection at one place for example book and reference apps, Entertainment apps, Business apps, and etc... my fev app is related to news and Magazine

    CNN App for Android Tablet

    America’s Choice 2012 Election Center for Android Tablet now available!

    Experience what happens when storytelling meets the newest technology with the new CNN App for Android – a smarter, sleeker way to experience a world of content. Share and comment on news & insights, watch live, breaking news video, and submit your own story to the world with iReport.

    I request you all to share your best and fev apps ever so that people can get apps at one place

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    Re: Best Android Apps Collection

    no one reply you, the apps I use now are all there since the day I bought this phone

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    Re: Best Android Apps Collection

    Instagram is great application for Android mobile phones and tablet users. This is one type of social media application which helps for photo sharing. Instagram includes more than 40 million users that seem its large popularity. This is my most favorite Android application.
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    Re: Best Android Apps Collection

    great post,i got very interesting apps in your discussion.I want to share some apps best for fathers and dads.
    C25K Couch to 5K by RunDouble
    Pageonce – Money & Bills
    Financial Calculators
    The Home Depot
    Smart Tools
    Cozi Family Calendar & Lists
    Allrecipes.com Dinner Spinner
    Life360 Family Locator
    ESPN ScoreCenter

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    Re: Best Android Apps Collection

    You can check out this link-Anti Theft Software for Mobiles: Safeguard your Phone with Anti Theft Apps for Android Phones
    I hope,through this link, you will come to know about one more android apps . Just check out.

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    Re: Best Android Apps Collection

    most apps I use, are:
    Google drive (perfect for share between PC, MAC & phone)
    Instagram (great to share photos with friends )
    Photoshop (good tool for editing photos)
    Few fitness apps, like Pull ups, Push ups,...
    Soundcloud (i can upload any song i made from my phone)

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    Re: Best Android Apps Collection

    I am agree!!

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