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    After my friend’s phone got stolen I decided to install this app to protect my phone data from being hijacked and perhaps even to recover my phone if it would ever get stolen. I have tried a few similar apps before this one but they all seem to be running in the background and draining my battery. This app just waits for an SMS that is sent by their website after you login, and only then gets activated in the background. So no battery drainage! A lot of similar apps cost money to install, but with this one you only pay SMS credit when your phone is actually stolen. So no unnecessary costs!
    I would recommend to install this app in case your phone would ever get stolen. Just search for Track and Protect in Google Play!

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    Re: Phone recovery app that doesn't use your battery

    Download Track and Protect from Google Play and purchase SMS credits from www.trackandprotect.com.
    This app has average reviews.
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    Re: Phone recovery app that doesn't use your battery

    Maybe it's still from their earlier releases? Working fine here!

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