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I wish you hereby on a project to draw attention to.
I have 2 other people an App called Pönis club for Android and IOS which reviews from well-known critic Hans Ulrich Pönack in a Smartphone APP Packed.
There will be updated every week with new movies are presented, there is a Top and Flop list and an archive with over 1300 reviews.
This App does NOT pursue any commercial purposes. It is and remains free of charge and free of advertising.
In the IOS Store is this App is already very successfully (more than 10,000 Downloads). On Android, remained the great success so far (approx. 400 Downloads), which is a shame because this App has some additional interesting Feature which the iPhone App does not have (e.g. link to the Trailer, Rotten Tomatoes Rating).

I would appreciate constructive criticism look forward to.

mfg Sascha

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