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    I buy cell phones all the time and unlocked ones are worth more money and appeal to a wider audience. With iphones theres a site were you can put in the imei and it will tell you weather or not its unlocked but I don't know any way to do this with android phones.

    The only way i know is put a different sim from another gsm carrier but my service doesn't use sim so I have no way of proving a phone is unlocked.

    Cell phone carriers dont give that information over the phone/

    Any help?

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    Re: Check Unlock Status Of Android Phones

    if the service doesn't use a sim then are you referring to switching from CDMA to a GSM service or CDMA to CDMA? If CDMA to CDMA then it's up to the carrier to activate the phone on their network and usually not up to the phone being locked or not.

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