BridgeCall is a very useful application that lets you make VOIP calls easily, without having to open a specific application to do so. With BridgeCall installed you simply make a phonecall and when you are connected to internet (3G/4G or WiFi) BridgeCall will make the phonecall for you using VOIP. You don’t have to perform any additional actions.
Whether you make a phonecall from your contact list or call someone from Whatsapp, in any case (if you have an internet connection) BridgeCall will take over and set its VOIP service to work to make the phone call. An important condition though is that the person you’re calling also has BridgeCall installed and is also connected to the internet (as is the same with all other VOIP services).
Additionally, BridgeCall’s setting can be adjusted to meet your preferences when it comes to when the application is switched on. If you wish to save on both your phone bill as well as your mobile internet bill, you can also set the application to only become active when you’re connected to WiFi.
People who are used to VOIP services, like Viber or Line, possibly will not see the added value this application has to offer. Others, who don’t like the extra effort of using (again another) application to make a free phone call, might become excited because there is now a VOIP app that can save them effort when making a phone call and money on their phone bill.

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