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    Brenton Chevin

    Step 1: Tap Play Store
    Step 2: Type Google Photos
    Step 3: Tap The Magnifying Glass
    Step 4: Tap Google Photos
    Step 5: Tap Install Or Update
    Wait for the app to download & install
    Step 6: Tap Open
    Step 7: Tap Allow
    Step 8: Tap Done
    Step 9: Tap The Option Button
    Step 10: Tap Device Folders
    Step 11: Tap All the Cloud Icons with the Line
    Step 12: Press The Back Button when all the Cloud Icons are Blue
    Step 13: Tap The Assistant Icon
    Wait for your photos to back up
    Congratulations Your Photos are Now Safe
    Step 14: Press The Home Button to go Back to the Home Screen
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    Re: Back up Photos on Android the easy way (video)

    Connect your phone to your computer through the USB cable that came with your phone.
    Open your computers file explorer. In Windows this can be done by right clicking the start menu and choosing file explorer.
    On the left side of the explorer window you can see you mobile phone name, go ahead and click it to start looking for your photos.
    The file structure can be different on different phones but your images will be there in a folder named pictures or something like that.
    If you can not find them try searching your phone by using *.png or *.jpg in the search field.
    Once you have found the pictures simply mark them all with the cursor and right click them.
    From the menu that appears choose copy or move depending on whether or not you want a copy to stay on your phone as well.
    through your explorer go to the place where you want to keep you backup and right click once more.
    Choose paste from the drop down menu that appears, and your files will start copying or moving to the new location.
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    Re: Back up Photos on Android the easy way (video)

    Thanks for sharing this, ihappen to know an android data backup could also help, we can also use it to manage android phone on computer easily, more info:Prominent Android File Manager - Manage Everything on Android from Your Personal PC

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