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Chinese mobile: clone xperia xz premium
Question: I need ROM

Detailed explanation:

Try to install a rom from scratch and it was wrong, now the phone screen remains black, although the sound of the finishing touches. I understand that it is because the rom you install is not the same.

Android Info
Build ID:
Display ID: Z6U350hd
Resolution: 720x1280px
Version: 5.1
Build Date: 2017
Model: gxq6580_weg_l
Brand: alps
Device: gxq6580_weg_l
Manufacturer: welcome
Region: US
Mediatek Version Release: ALPS.L1.MP6.V2_GXQ6580.WEG.L_P62
Internal memory: 32GB
Android Info END
HTML Code:
<img src="https://9lbdca.dm2301.livefilestore.com/y4mnMUpiH4uAwy00oKYImTxnc85MwC088jp1biG_k7fxL8NiBK8MmJ-3hRddx-sp7SBfFKXRK7zpcpk5Ik1xfEyKwmiNmSil1c8l2mjxf0HsF_8zeiSV4Kqia0TqPWvql8Xlhw_Ed-4Sih4TLw_HbL49nl36B08En5DX76qDXk4HLimunObT3mFX4iLCnOjEgP-f2xJjXSoaT5AmOTXcNppwg?width=587&height=566&cropmode=none" width="587" height="566" />

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