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    how do i change the external wallpaper pics,

    See More: i860 ext.wallpaper

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    Re: i860 ext.wallpaper

    please can someone help me on this,thanks

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    Re: i860 ext.wallpaper

    1)Download the i860 External Wallpaper and the available in the HoFo UFN download section, from Presents: External Wallpaper Version 4.0 or anywhere else you can find it.
    2)Unzip the file and extract the contents to any folder/location of your choice
    (preferably an easily accessible location such as the desktop)
    3)Go to the folder containing the extracted contents. You should see a file named "extWall.jad"
    4)Run webjal (or UFNJAL if you're using it) and connect to your phone. Once you're connected, select the "Load J2ME Applications" option and click download.
    5)Upon clicking download, a pop-up will appear. Locate extWall.jad, click on it once and then click "Open." The file will automatically begin to transfer to your phone. When the file is transferred and the "ALL DOWNLOADS ARE NOW FINISHED" message appears, close webjal and remove the data cable from your phone.
    6)On your i860, enter the menu and go to the Java Apps. section. You should see the extWall icon, which is a purple diamond with an orange arrow pointing downwards. Scroll to the icon, and click OK on the keypad to begin the installation.
    7)When the extWall application has been installed, you will see green check marks next to each process. You will also have the option to select "NEXT" or "DONE." Select "DONE."

    You are now ready to begin loading external wallpapers onto your phone. Continue reading for a step-by-step tutorial on how to load the wallpapers onto your phone.

    8)Once again, go to the location of the extracted files. You should see a program named "ids860extwall." Double click on it.
    9)On the right-hand side, you'll see the option to "Add New Wallpaper." Click the button, and you will see a pop-up asking you to open a wallpaper. Go to the location of your wallpaper. On the bottom of the pop-up, click "Files of Type" and select .PNG. You should see the wallpaper of your choice appear in the box. Select the wallpaper, and click Open.
    10)In the "ids860extwall" program, the wallpaper you have selected should appear under "Current Wallpapers to be Added." Click on the wallpaper, and on the right hand side click "Generate WAL." After that, click on "Generate JAR." WAIT UNTIL THE BLACK BOX WITH GRAY TEXT APPEARS AND THEN DISAPPEARS! When this happens, click Generate JAD.
    11)You must now go back to Webjal/UFN JAL and connect to your phone. Select "Load J2ME Applications" and click download. Locate the original extWall.jad you loaded back in step 3 of this tutorial(NOTE: There may be ANOTHER extwall.jad created. If you are having problems with the original extwall.jad, check for another extwall.jad file and try the steps again.) Load it onto your phone. When the transfer is complete, disconnect from your phone. (NOTE: EVERY TIME you load an external wallpaper to the phone, you will need to follow steps 11, 12 and 13, so I suggest converting and loading a bunch of wallpapers at once.)
    12)Go to the java apps. section on your phone, go to the the extWall icon, press the menu button and click update. When the update is complete, select "DONE"
    13)Run the extWall application, click select wallpaper and you should see your selected wallpaper there. Highlight it and click OK on the keypad.
    14)Close the flip, and in a minute or two you should see your wallpaper on the exterior screen. (NOTE: This will drain your battery.)
    15)To remove the external wallpaper, simply open the flip and wait a second until the extWall application resumes. Select EXIT and you're done. (Remember that extWall is a java application and will resume every time you open your flip. I suggest using this only if you want to show your friends, or if you intend on leaving your flip closed for a while.)
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    Re: i860 ext.wallpaper

    I seen this info before, but Great post
    Quote Originally Posted by G2gGolfing69
    You must create the program again to add more pics; more info

    Welcome To Iden.Edu index.html (remove space before index)
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