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    I recently bought a Motorola I710 and i have the usb cable now i don't know where to find the drivers or the software to put ringtones to my cellphone i'm a complete new at this..and i'm hoping someone will help me out ^^;..i'm sorry if i sound like a pain but i really need the drivers and the software also the steps on how to add it too. hope someone helps it would mean a lot to me!

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    Re: Nextel Motorola I710 Help!

    First of all, I'm going to help you out by not giving you the answer straight up. I know this next little bit will seem condescending, but take no offense. I learned the same way.

    Near the top of your computer screen your going to see some words that are white. Starting from the left, is User CP FAQ Member List, ect... If you go almost all the way to the right, between Today's Posts and Quick Links, you'll see Search. This is the best way to start if you have questions. Click on search and input key words to your question, click go. Several posts will pop up on your screen. Browse these posts and bam! I'll bet you'll find the answer. You'll probably run across something called Webjal, pay particularly close attention to this. Other software for your phone, including usb drivers can be found here.
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    Re: Nextel Motorola I710 Help!

    get the software from harrythompson .com (remove space) it will have a program called webjal thats where you start.

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    Re: Nextel Motorola I710 Help!

    You can also make your own ringtones to put on your cell phone. You will need some kind of music converter to do so. I use dbpoweramp and sound recorder. Sound recorder is on your computer already. There is step by step instructions on this site for making your own ringtones.

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    Re: Nextel Motorola I710 Help!

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