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    I am anxious to get some assistance with the following questions.

    1. How do I set up my Treo 600 smart phone to receive incoming phone calls without having to hit a button on the phone? I market 800 numbers and voicemail services and get lots of calls. In particular, I am concerned with I'm driving. I want the call to come right through to me without having to do anything.

    2. What is the best bluetooth head set to use with the Treo 600 that does not cost an arm and leg.

    3. Does anyone know where I can get Jazz Ring Tones?

    Thank you for your assistance. I really appreciate it.

    [email protected]

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    The first two I can't help you on ... BUT.. I'm a big jazz fan m'self... You can select "Jazz" on this page if you wanna buy MIDI ringtones... or you can poick out a coupla favorite tunes and I'll see if I can help just 'cause I like playing with MIDI and jazz...

    (If you do that may I suggest the ringtone requests forum and/or a PM in my direction since I'm less-than-attentive to that forum where I've barely HEARD of the artists )

    (OH... and for future reference - there is a specific help forum for your phone and provider... the forum you posted in is for board help only)

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    1) Get CallFilter and you can set up rules for just about anything. Get it Here

    2) The 600 is not able to use bluetooth without an adapter.

    3) It's best to make your own Ringtones as the 600 does not play MP3's out of the box.

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