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    Hi all:

    Looking for the treo 600 connector pinout definitions.

    Thanks in advance.

    See More: treo 600 pinout

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    This what you're seeking?

    Treo 600 Bottom Connector Pin Summary
    Pin Name I/O/P1 Function
    1. RXD I Receive Data
    2. TXD O/P Transmit Data/Power
    3. No Connect GPIO to internal battery pack
    4. HS2 I Serial Cradle Detect
    5. HS1 I HotSync Interrupt
    6. GND P Ground
    7. USB_D- I/O USB Data Negative
    8. USB_D+ I/O USB Data Positive
    9. DQ I/O 1-wire communication pin
    10. PACK+ P a1 Battery Positive Terminal
    11. PACK+ P a1 Battery Positive Terminal
    12. GND P Ground
    13. GND P Ground
    14. VDOCK P Cradle Power (charging)
    15. VDOCK P Cradle Power (charging)

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