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    Hey everyone. new here and had a question regarding the Treo 650 for VZ. My dad had one for Cingular and had alot of problems with it freezing and resetting. Someone had told me that it was just a problem with the Cingular software and curious if that is true. Anyone have one on VZ and having any problems? Any help is appreciated

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    I have a 600, but it's still the same manufacturer, Palm. Mine freezes, or resets ALL THE TIME. I have alot of stuff on it, and that's probably why but it's not Cingular. It's the Palm itself. I am sure of it because I have problems too.
    Soon they are coming out with a 700 (that runs on a Windows OS- I can't wait!!)

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    The Treo 600 had problems across the board. The Treo 650 is much better...mine hasn't locked or reset at all. The problem with the 700 will be in the Windows O/S...Nextel's new I930 is running this O/S and they are having several problems i.e. locking, freezing, resetting. In my opinion, if you want a Treo get the 650, you can't go wrong.

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    Treo 650

    Hey, Got a great deal for a Treo 650. Just switched to that from a Blackberry 7290. I switched carrier T-Mobile to Verizon and it works awesome. Some problems though listening on the phone when driving. I checked quite a few websites, like http://www.oneshopwireless.com and http://www.coolcellulardeals.com All of them had the same deal basically.

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