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    hi how do i download music to my treo 700wp and can i put a landyard on my treo if so where im so confused?

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    Re: how do i download music to my treo700wp

    Is it a 700w or 700p? I think its either one or the other.(w=windows p=palm)
    Anyway, lets say its a 700w(because I thats what I know about)... All you would do is install active sync software that came with your phone.
    Then, Connect your phone to your PC via USB cable and set up a "partnership" between PC and phone..(easier than it sounds, plug and play).
    Then, Using Active Sync... Go to "Tools"... "Explore"... Find a suitable folder you want to put the music in(memory card recommended)... And Finally click and drag music from PC to Phone/Palm...

    After that, Its just a matter of the Media player you want to use on your Palm(It comes with Windows Media Player)...

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