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    I have a palm 650 with palm OS. The range of this phone is shorter that I beleive it should be. I only use the PDA and the phone parts. My question is range, is the range of this phone or any other PDA-phone range less than a cell phone only? Is the Palm 700P or the "wing" for Verizon any better at not showing "no service" or getting my voice mail 5 hours later, even when I have not been using my phone. gjantz computer tech

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    Re: Palm 650 "no service"

    Sounds like your radio is going out. 700p so far has been a good pda for Verizon, and no it shouldnt take 5 hours to get email. If your using PoP and wireless sync 15 minutes for email. The "Wing" is a Tmobile device running WM6, you can use outlook right inside phone to setup a pop email addy, that also can be setup for every 15 minutes.

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