Palm and Sprint will be introducing the new TREO 500 in Europe this Wednesday. The new Treo 500 will be running the Windows Mobile 6 Standard Edition and will be packed with UMTS connection which will provide high speed 3G wireless data connectivity. Because of the small size; Treo has chosen to use MiniSD in their expansion slot alike the Treo 750 version. The new unit will come with 150mB of built-in memory and fashion a 240 x 320 screen.

Here are the specification (be aware Treo can always change its specifications prior to production):

16mm (0.63″) thick x 61mm wide x 110mm high

1.3 megapixel camera

Bluetooth v2.0

Storage Capacity:
150mb built in memory
MiniSD expansion slot

OS Platform:
Windows Mobile 6 Standard Edition


Full Qwerty

So far Sprint is the only network that shows intention to launch this device. Spint will launch TV on-demand content service and the sticker price is to be $99 on an agreement. GSM version is yet to be produced.

You can see the official launch photo of the NEW TREO 500 on

More will be reviewed on thegadgetlink when we get this unit next week.

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